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Darker Than black bag was founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 2017.

The Designer, Yu-Shan, has her clear goal made in the past decade. She wanted to bring her designs to the people and let the good designs to make people’s life comfort and pleasure with her dual-background in  Fashion Design and Industrial Design and work for the  designer brands and handbag companies as a designer in New York, Taiwan, and China for many years.In 2016, she decided to start her own brand “Darker Than Black”, officially established in 2017.

The original idea of Darker Than Black  is that  a designed bag should not just show “on a runway” or “in a window”, it has to be blended into our daily lives. By using the material of nature and good quality leather which brings the bag user can feel the good touch of their bag. And by using the bag, the user can make their bags to be aged beautifully  and give live to their own bags. The bags make everyone happy, not just for the designer but also for the user.

Focusing on every details and neutral minimal design is the key design concept of Darker Than Black.